DANCE 1141 is being proposed as a course somewhat in parallel to MUSIC 1301-1302 (Introduction to World Music I-II). It is intended to expose students to a wide variety of dance forms, consider dance's relation to music, and show the wide variety of cultural information dance constitutes and reflects. As such it is divided into four main areas of inquiry:

The readings and discussions will be augmented with some basic experiences of doing dance: a few beginning classes in various dance forms (perhaps something like one each in ballet, hip-hop, salsa, and belly dance); and an assignment to make a one-minute movement piece.

Because most readings fit into more than one of the above area, they are spread throughout the course.

The course is not meant to be comprehensive, but to whet students' appetites for more.

What follows is a syllabus in progress. I expect to add some more articles and move some around in the syllabus, making adjustments in the course organization.

3 credits
Spring semester
TTh 11:40-12:55
Lincoln 124 / Schwartz SB10

Final exam out-of-class scheduled according to university schedule