Tutankhaten by Allen Fogelsanger

  1. On loading this page a java applet is launched to create a new version of Tutankhaten. After a few seconds a window labeled Initialize MIDI appears in the upper left of your screen. Click on the red button in its upper left corner.
  2. The Initialize MIDI window closes and two new windows open. The window labeled Untitled-1 contains the newly generated Tutankhaten score; the window labeled JMSL Mixer includes a volume and a pan control; both are initially set at 0.5. To hear your computer play the score click the Play button in the Untitled-1 window.
  3. To generate another version of Tutankhaten reload the web page in your browser.

Tutankhaten (2011) is a variable composition created in JMSL (Java Music Specification Language). On each run of Tutankhaten the computer creates and plays a new piece from randomly generated musical materials consisting primarily of short melodic fragments and chords. The music, inspired by Morton Feldman's composition for solo piano Palais de Mari (1986), consists of thirteen sections in each of which a single melodic fragment, chord, or chord pair is repeatedly presented with a small variation from the preceding occurrence.

For more details about Tutankhaten see
Tutankhaten - a variable composition by a JMSL generative algorithm.

You need a Java-enabled browser to view this applet.